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Mar Vista and the Environment

Sourcing ingredients locally has multiple benefits for our guests, the environment and the local economy. It is vital for the Sandbar to continue to work with our local partners to ensure the freshest flavors and the most environmentally friendly ingredients possible. Below are just a few of our key partners that ensure that your dinner is at the peak of freshness and flavor.
Oyster Shell Recycling
In February of 2017, The Chiles Restaurant Group partnered with a group of non-profit, commercial, and governmental public-private partners in the newly formed Gulf Coast Oyster Recycle & Restoration Project (GCORR), aimed at collecting and reusing cast off oyster and clam shells to help restore the local coastal marine read more...
Skip the Straw Initiative
In an effort to reduce waste to support the environment and encourage our customers to do the same, our restaurants have launched the new "Skip the Straw" campaign read more...
Sustainable Fish Species
At Mar Vista Dockside Restaurant, we wholeheartedly support sustainable fishing practices. That means your favorite seafood species has its best chance to be around for you and your children to enjoy in the future. When it comes to seafood, the term "sustainable" means that a species has been wild caught or farmed with read more...
Recently Mar Vista Dockside Restaurant started completing the circle of life with their new compostable materials program. read more...
Lodge Cast Iron Cookware
Ed Chiles chose Lodge as his preferred cookware at Mar Vista because of its commitment to the environment. It's cookware is made with no artificial coatings or cancer causing PFA's keeping your dish as close to nature as possible. In fact, pans are seasoned using traditional vegetable oil. Plus, the foundry that produces read more...
Invasive Species Control
Unfortunately, Florida's environment and the conditions of the waters surrounding the state are extremely conducive to sustaining life and allowing it to flourish. While this is great for native species, it has a negative impact when it comes to invasive species as it is creates a perfect growth opportunity for them. read more...
Blue Community Consortium
Mar Vista and its sister restaurants are members of the Blue Community Consortium. As members, we are able to stay on the leading edge of marine community sustainability and bring those practices to the restaurants to be good stewards of our marine ecosystem.

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Local Sourced Seafood
Sourcing our seafood locally makes a difference in our flavors as well as our impact to the environment and local economy. Your dinner, many times, has been sourced from our local fishing fleet meaning that the seafood or shellfish is the freshest possible. It hasn't spent weeks in a freezer or in a truck making its way to our kitchens.
Grey Striped Mullet
When you want to eat local fish, you can't get more local than Mullet! Cortez Grey Striped Mullet dates back to the days when the Timucuan and Calusa Native Americans inhabited Anna Maria Island. Historically, Mullet was underappreciated for its value both economically and nutritionally. Today, we revere mullet as one of read more...
Red Tide Research
In 2018, Florida experienced one of the worst red tide blooms in the state's history. Effects were felt for months up and down the Southern tip of Florida. Mar Vista and its sister restaurants teamed up with Mote Marine and START to help those organizations find solutions to protect our marine ecosystem and prevent the read more...